After long office hours you return home yearning for some refreshing entertainment. You most likely turn on the television and enjoy watching your favorite programs for amusement and relaxation. Instead of watching the usual channels, you can tune into power-packed entertainment offered by Bright House. Subscribe to Bright House cable service to access hundreds of digital channels.

You may qualify for HD included with your digital TV plan. In addition to this, more HD movies, shows and sports are available with HD On Demand. You don’t have to go to theaters frequently to relish watching your favorite movies in HD with booming sound effects. With esteemed HD programming from Bright House Networks®, you will certainly appreciate the theater-like television watching experience you get right in your living room.

Don’t limit your television watching to a few channels. Choose a complete family entertainment package to get the best in TV and keep everyone in your family happy. You get up to 80 channels with the Brighthouse Basic Cable package. Get even more with the Bright House Digital TV, which comes with 275 channels, including an amazing collection of music channels. Groove to your favorite music- from pop to jazz, hip hop to country.

Take a look at the services you can subscribe to from BrightHouse Cable:

  • On Demand: Watch all the latest releases with Movies On Demand. You get access to thousands of On Demand titles. No more video store visits and waiting in line. Transform any room in your home to a theater.
  • On Screen Program Guide: Do you want to know when your favorite show is on? Find it with the click of your remote using the Interactive On Screen Program Guide. It is a convenient menu. You can use it to view time slots, set reminders, record shows and more. Navigating various channels is made much easier with this.
  • Parental Controls: Keep a close watch on your children’s TV viewing habits with Parental Controls. It has several blocking options like restricting watching television by channel, time slot, series, etc.
  • Digital Video Recorder: Now you can stop time, go back in time and even forward time. Yes, it’s made possible with the DVR which lets you record your favorite shows and watch them at your convenience. With the DVR, you can also record your favorite shows in one room and play them in another room.
  • Start Over®: Missed a few minutes of your favorite show? Don’t worry, you can restart the show and watch it from the beginning using Start Over. When you switch channels, you will get an alert message for shows you can restart.


Bright House offers you comprehensive home entertainment and you can always count on their reliable service and support. Sign up with Bright House today and enjoy watching television like never before. Spice up your television-viewing experience with wholesome entertainment from Bright House Cable TV.